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HELP!! Setting up LOR with DMXKing UltraDMX Micro

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Hi all,

I'm really struggling to get my lighting rig set up and working. I have a DMXKing UltraDMX Micro adapter on COMM3, and a USB485 connector that I'm not even sure if I need or not, on COMM4.

Could someone please give me step by step directions on how to set up everything and get my rig working? For reference, I have an ADJ Megaflash DMX set to address 1, a Chauvet Mini Kinta set to address 3, and a Chauvet Kinta FX set to address 6. In the UltraDMX Configuration utility provided by DMXKing, the lights are getting output just fine from the DMX adapter. I can also get the lights to work in the Simple Desk of the QLC+ program but not in QLC+'s show editor. I'm running LOR version 3.12.4.

I would greatly appreciate detailed instructions on how to get this up and running. I've been struggling for years to get this set up and have dropped a lot of money on my lighting stuff and would love to finally get things working. Is this all the hardware I need to get my lighting rig running with LOR? Is there anything else I need to purchase to get this to work?



comm listener screenshot.jpg

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Picked some good hardware there.  Chauvet makes some of the best!

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Don't know if it would apply or not but make sure commlistener is running.  Good luck!  Hope you get it running

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