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Pixel Arches

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I have seen different Youtube videos on making arches and most have shown the cosmic color ribbon. I have some leftover pixel bulbs and controller and was thinking of using them as arches. Does anyone know how well that might work or has anyone tried it?

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I have 8 arches made from pixels.  Each arch is 25 pixels at about 4 3/4 inches apart zip tied to a 10ft piece of 3/4 pex tubing.


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I love the arches, they are great. However, I replaced mine with ccr circles ( SuperStarLights) this year and couldn't be any happier. I was able to use my arch segments in my Snoopy Red Baron skit creating the appearance of machine gun fire coming from snoopys inflatable plane. The community loves the skit and many people sit for hours just to watch it.

Next year going to add more circles, this was a very late addition to my show as I eyed the tubs of arch segments.

Derkngoogly suguested I try them last year but I hesitated since I had no plans of RGB in my future


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