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Using two show computers. One for scrolling sign

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Two show computers all loaded now.   One has the regular show and is running MIIP for user interaction.   The other is controlling only a scrolling sign.   While it is completely independent of the main show,  it has software running which allows it to know what the other main show is playing.   This allows the sign to detect when WiW is playing and scroll the name of that song.   

The will also display message to guests FM frequency and where to park.   The most unusual is the guests can interact with the sign by submitting a message.  The software then will generate a sequence with the colors speed font and words requested and show it on the sign.    I posted about this during development here



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A couple weeks in for the scrolling sign.    Many messages have been sent to the sign board via my miip website. 

Maybe 15 had to be suppressed for vulgar language. 


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