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Lewis Sparlin

Any way to interface with the web

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Is it possible to build some king of custom script or web hook into a sequence.  I would like to be able to do an HTTP call at certain points in my sequence.  Is this something the software supports?

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First of all, I see that this is your first post.  Welcome to the forum Lewis!  Pretty cool, two first timers in just a few minutes....

There is not direct way, but depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, there may be a couple work arounds.  The first is an add on called MIIP.  MIIP allows end users to request certain songs from the internet.  Check out: http://miip.mobi/help/MemberDocumentation.html

The other work around is to have an internet based remotely controller switch that in turn controls interactive sequences within your show.

Can you give a little more details on what you are trying to accomplish?  Might help us with solutions.


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