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1 minute ago, dibblejr said:

I had forgotten her name. Sweet little pup. Give her all the attention she needs.

With being def and being blind in right eye at 13 1/2 years old, she's hanging in there.  But misses her mate.

Dogs are smart and wonder what happened.

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Sorry for your pet dog "Cody" loss.   I, too know how that feels, having to put down my favorite cat after 18-1/2 years due to the incompetency of another vet that caused us to seek out another vet and by then, it was too late to save him, so we had to put him down in March 2013.  I still miss him {Timone Snowstar} a lot too, I have his ashes in a special photo and paw print urn on a shelf in our bedroom.  I have a lot of other cars since his passing, sometimes I think a wee bit too many LOL.  But we love them all as much as we loved him before we had to put him to sleep, and then send him off to Rainbow Bridge with other many of our other pets that have gone before him, and those that will follow him there in years to come.

Those that don't have, or have never had a pet, just can't relate to how close our pets truly are to us as family members. And we mourn them just as much as any of our human family members or even friends that we lose along the way too.

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