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Matrix Vis Graphics Running Upside Down

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Finally after an entire day of attempting to create a working on my matrix visualization I got it all done.

Attempted to play the God Bless the USA Medley in SE and got confused from CCR with the three channel per. I created the channels based on my vis which is units 11-30. I have 10 AC controllers so starting my pixels at 11. (11-30)

Matrix is 20 horizontal rows of 50 pixles

2- pixie 16 controllers

When I created my channels config I used the R/G/B channels all with the same unit number 11 and the frequency all 1 (since it is just one pixel) is that correct?

When I viewed the matrix in sim mode I only had some red dots and red opward shooting effects, no other colors.

Tried a few different things but no change.

Then I opened up a sample sup file in SS and then imported my matrix viz

I have the full test and colors however the words and letters are upside down.

Earlier I thought I read instructions on how to fix that but I cannot find them anymore.

Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

Huge learning curve for me from SE and normal strand lights to RGB Pixels.

If it matters I will be using pixie16 controllers

Thank you



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Solved- Shut down my computer last night before I went to bed. Woke up this morning and it is no longer upside down. I didn't do anything else so I don't have the correct answer.

It is still backwards, maybe it will correct itself once the actual matrix is built and connected.

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* update that is past due

It took me a long time and some discussion among friends to get this. Derkngoogly (Don) and I was discussing this on the telephone. He had the same problem in the past and he re constructed his channel config to reverse the running order. I then stated instead of doing that I will just change the strands of lights in reverse. #1 now being 16 and so on.

Worked like a charm. Words are now correct. 


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