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3 Axis Skull DUET with Jack-O-Lanters : 6 month of night work - DONE!

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This is our 3 year we doing Halloween decorations with BIG help of All of You ! 
Thanks Everyone for Great ideas, support and giving us energy and motivation for next year!!!!
This is our fist year we Build 3 axis Skull using Triaxial design and Combine with Jack-o-Lanters AtmosFearFX DVD
I used Lightorama to run my DUET
Animatronic Skull was program using Monkeybasic Trackskull software and imported to LOR, 
Audio from Jack-o-lanters (AtmosFearFX dvd) was recreated to stereo with new actor voice for skull using Audacity. 
3 Axis Skull was run by LOR servodog hardware . Sequence and Video run by LOR.
Video only shows part 1 of 4 storytelling part, we have more but video was going out of focus
P.S. I really hope AtmosfearFX team not get upset for altering audio
Thanks again to everyone


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wow how the hell u make those jack o lanterns they are super kool

Jol from atmosfearfx company. Projection video

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