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Snow Falling Effect

Dave Kaser

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Dave Kaser wrote:

My daughter wants me to string up some lights then control them to make it appear that snow is falling (something you don't see very often in Tucson).


Any ideas?

This: http://www.lightflurries.com/ ?


If you 'need' to string up lights, maybe many rows of horizontal minis that chase going down? This could probably work, if sequenced properly, but would not be a very cost-effective effect.
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Look at my Avatar I have been stringing lights in my trees for many years. I hang 50 strings of the 100 ct minis. This year I am increasing the strings by 15 and will be adding 3 LOR channels to control them. I am going to use/try several effects to twinkle them.

I don't know if this will give you the falling effect you would like but I can say it looks very good in my setup.


Twinkle with off cells every other cell


Shimmer with off cells every other cell

Vary the power on all the above.

I use the .05 setting for the sequence to allow me to do the off cell and get a better effect.

All these combinations will be used across the 3 channels so the the effect will be varied on the channels.


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BUT the snow flurry kit is not very well made. I have one and it is not a very 'rugged' or even moderately secure piece of equipment. It is also not water tight and you will have to "rig" something in the yard to use it.

I probably would NOT buy another one if it came up again.

BUT- I do like the way it looks.


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