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Please can someone save my buns!!

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A little background, My names Karl Beetson, I live in England and am studying aerospace engineering at university at the momment. This is also our 2nd year of using LOR. Last year some members helped me with some sequencing and I was truely grateful however I lost all my shows last year due to a harddrive crash and have had to start again. I have 6 shows so far but want more as I had 9 last year. I rarely have time now I am at uni to sequence. I have been using lorsequences.com but it still takes time for me to alter them. Would anyone be willing to help me in anyway possible wether it be adopt a nearly completed sequence from me and sculpt it for me, donate sequences anything please! I have till 1st Dec before light up!! I have 32 channels this year...as seen bellow in my channel layout.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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