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I created a 10x15 grid (10 pixels vertical and 15 pixels horizontal) in visualizer which uses three (3) CCP strings (50 lights each).  I am trying to import that visualization into SuperStar so that I can use the text wizard.  However, I can't seem to configure the sequencing grid to mirror my visualization to ensure the text function will work?


Any ideas or suggestions?


I have attached my visualizer so you can see how the CCP is setup on my grid.




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I tried your visualization and as you say, SuperStar does not lay out the pixels onto a sequencing grid the way you would want.


It looks like you used the Matrix tool in the visualizer. Use the Matrix tool again. After creating the matrix a dialog box comes up that has 3 choices on it, this time choose the top choice which says to create as many new fixtures as necessary. It will create 15 columns, each column will be numbered 1-10. Then after doing that, you have to use the Channel wizard to assign the right channel to each column. The channel wizard will change the starting pixel appropriately, but it always increments the unit Id for each column. So you will need to manually change the unit id so that the first 5 columns all have the same unit id, the next 5 columns all have the same unit id, and the last 5 columns all have the same unit id.


When importing the visualization, choose "vertical" and "normal" and it Imports onto a sequencing grid that is 15x10.


I have attached the visualization I made.


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