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Light-O-Rama version 3.10.2 released as an open beta

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We have just released version 3.10.2 of the Light-O-Rama software suite as an open beta.  This release contains several changes intended to fix issues found in version 3.10.0.  Specifically, the following issues:

  • DM01 (Sequence Editor) (Show Stopper):  The Sequence Editor does not properly handle new sequences using MIDI
  • VB02 (Sequence Editor) (Nuisance): Error saving file: "Invalid procedure call or argument".  When it asks if you want to try saving to a different name, doing so does nothing.  Workaround: Please read the thread on this issue to see a possible workaround.
  • RB01 (SuperStar) (Nuisance): When trying to save a 14 morph effect to clipboard, would not save to clipboard file.
  • RB02 (SuperStar) (Nuisance): Visualization showing fewer pixels than expected.
  • DM02 (Visualizer) (Nuisance):  Removing a fixture from a prop removes the wrong fixture.  Workaround: Edit the fixture rather than the prop and dis-associate from the prop there.

If you were affected by any of these issues, please try it out with the new version and let us know how it goes in the thread for the issue in question.


If you haven't already seen the release announcement for version 3.10.0, please check it out.  It describes the changes that are new in 3.10.0, as well as an overview on what we mean by "open beta", and how you can participate in it.


You can download the installer for version 3.10.2 from here:




Thanks for all your help!

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