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Can you save Images

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If you create images for one song, can you save them in a file to be used on another song or do you have to redraw in the new song. Example, you draw a Santa for one song and want to use it in another also.


Don C.

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1- Select an image action that contains the image you want.

2- Copy it to the clipboard

3- Click on the Edit menu and select "Load/Save Clipboard"

4- Save the clipboard to a file

Now, you can exit SuperStar and at any later time launch SuperStar, load another sequence and use "Load/Save Clipboard" to load the image action to the clipboard and paste it into the sequence. Note that in the case of an imageAction, both the image action and the image it uses are saved to the clipboard.

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I figured there was a way to do it. I tried a couple of things and couldn't get it .

Thanks Brian

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