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  2. So, did you choose the musical tab at the top. If you are being offered Las files, it sounds like you are in the animation tab.
  3. Musical tab at the top. This is show editor, right, not simple show builder
  4. Mine only gives me the option to open musical sequences or animated sequences. When I choose “all sequences” only LMS show up.
  5. Oh hell no, you can have all the incan's. The LED's are mine ALL MINE!
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  7. I have 2 files I can send. What is the email address?
  8. Did you select S5 sequences in the file type dropdown, bottom right. Are you looking in the right folder. Can you find the files in Windows explorer,
  9. And when I type in the file name with .LOREDIT manually it says unknown extension type. This has to be an LOR issue.
  10. I have an issue with lag and got a program to constantly clear out my RAM. It helps. I also shut down my computer daily. I have 2 large pixel trees Im running E1.31 and plus 40 houses Im running LOR. So my files are LARGE. Running fine thru the sequencer doesn't mean crap. IF your issue is syncing, that would be your audio file and you need to make sure its a constant bitrate and not variable. You can chase that all day long and it will never be right. I use GoldWave to simply convert the files to constant rate mp3 files. Hope this helps and good luck!
  11. Okay, so, when I open the show editor and go to musical and press the plus sign, the only files that show up are .LMS, it will not recognize the .LOREDIT files for some reason. If I can get the .LOREDIT files to show up, I'm sure this will fix my issue but I can't figure out why they won't show up.
  12. The LMS files may be your S4 versions. Don't need those. In Show Editor, choose the Musical tab then click the big PLUS sign to add files then make sure S5 sequences is chosen in the file type dropdown, bottom right, and that you are in the folder where the Loredit files are saved. You should only see loredit files, the lms files are not what you need. Just for info, ALL the playback files (three per sequence) will be created in the Lorinternal folder, NOT your Sequences folder.
  13. That’s the problem I believe. When creating the show in show editor, it doesn’t recognize the LOREDIT files in order to use them. It only pulls the LMS files.
  14. I would like to see this if possible. jsayers73@gmail.com
  15. Does anyone have a basic 16 channel (or something I can blend into my layout) Star Wars main title or the Imperial March that they would be willing to share? I've looked elsewhere but have had zero luck...….
  16. Can I grab this from you? Anderson372008@gmail.com
  17. Have you created your show, using loredit files and let it run to create the playback files as I said in my post about eight posts up the page.Use show editor not SSB. The first pass through the show will take a long time as it builds the playback files, then on the second pass it SHOULD play normally.
  18. I was typing from my phone so couldn’t see what version. I do not know S5 so that’s all I have. Hopefully you get it straightened out. You May want to have this moved to the S5 section of forums. JR
  19. Correct! I have done that but the save as only gives me the option of .LOREDIT not .LMS. So when I try to import to the show, it doesn’t recognize the .LOREDIT files. Which I’m guessing are the ones with audio attached to it.
  20. Anyone willing to share with me their version? Thanks Vicki
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