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  1. I was not thinking solar or wind, but I did miss. I was thinking aerospace. There are a bunch for you to see down here! And I would be happy to help you with the ham license...
  2. too late, I found these leaked photo's.
  3. Buck268

    MP3 director

    After spending about an hour on the phone with dibblejr I'm now able to create my own sequences. After all these years, I now have new songs for my neighbors to listen to. It's funny how one little thing can get you wrapped around the axle. Still got lots to learn but, thanks to dibblejr I'm on my way...………………...
  4. aidancar

    GFCI issues

    Oh wow, sorry for the late response, I forgot to check for notifications to this. Here is a quick drawing that will work provided you know which channels are causing the issue each time. The variation I made is slightly different as my "indoor switch" is actually an Alcorn McBride show controller that detects a ground fault and automatically kills those problem channels before automatically resetting the GFCI. If it happens a second time they stay off and broadcast an inclement weather voice line until the rain stops and I reset it. So I have a 5th relay zip tied on which connects to the Alcorn Controller through that barrel connector. All you would need would be a rocker switch as shown but run its wires inside. Let me know if that makes sense https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iMbQb0cWr2o5GI5a9KZBCPcB-_nMTbE5?usp=sharing
  5. Jaynee

    Extension Chords and Waterproofing

    Yes, we make our own cords. This year alone I made 1500 feet of new cords. It's really easy and so much cheaper than buying from your local big box. This is the first year we were not super diligent about waterproofing. Despite tons of rain, we did not have any breakers trip during the season, unlike years past. Well we did have one breaker trip, but it was on a spotlight timer that sits outside our house 24/7/365 and that we've had for at least 5-6 years. Completely unrelated to the show itself. That's not to say that waterproofing shouldn't be done - I think it can be important. But this year we just never got around to it and our show was fine (and our area had the 8th rainiest December on record this year).
  6. First I like to thank everyone on this forum for all the help they bring to every topic. This community is by far the best and most helpful forum I have ever been on. Here are two of 9 songs of my Christmas display 2018.
  7. Santas Helper


    Better late than never. LOL
  8. HVACR

    Extension Chords and Waterproofing

    My local ACE Hardware has 2 15ft cords for 9.99 . I have about 4500 ft of cords. My setup changes a little every year so my cord needs change a little every year. I looked at the vampire plugs this seem to be the better way for me. HVACR
  9. DisneyMatt10

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    Already working on it!
  10. That pretty well tells me what industry you work in... Well, if you end up out here for a couple years, maybe we'll get to meet you....

    My 2018 Display

    Richard when it really gets bad I will play my Public Service Announcement every 4th song instead of every 6th, they think the songs are going to repeat, so they move along.

    My 2018 Display

    Your right Richard the same goes for slow songs. that's why I put slow songs in as well, they get inpatient and move along. I find that is the best way to control traffic.
  13. I don’t see a problem, it could go either way. Admin didn’t move it so must be gtg. JR
  14. dibblejr

    MP3 director

    My pleasure. Any time. JR
  15. ~DOC~


    Turn auto updates off. Turn sleep hibernation off. You can keep the screen to turn off on. I basically turn off most anything that runs with out me to tell it to run. Sometimes that takes a little research to determine what...
  16. dibblejr

    Singing Trees

    Why use heavy plywood. You can purchase 5mm coro at most of the large hardware stores. Make a frame out of 2X4's. Depending on how you intend on moving it around it will be very heavy. Coro lasts years. I have 2 faces that are over 14 years old. They both still have the incan light bulbs. Also if you haven't pushed 1000+ mini lights through a coro hole that stretches before just wait trying to push them through plywood. JR
  17. dibblejr

    getting started

    You are very ambitious with this request. LOL JR
  18. martsycart

    Minions Jingle Bells

    Yep, first year. I'm a quick study
  19. Shadowrider73

    Mercy Me - I Can Only Imagine

    I sent what I have to you all. I got this with a little help from a friend, plus a little that I had done. I hope this helps everyone. Ed
  20. Euro92

    Looking for THX Intro

    I Just saw this post and its great. Saxon could I have the audio, lms.sup file. Looking for a good intro and love how you did yours. Steveward92@yahoo.com
  21. caniac

    Looking for THX Intro

    Saxon, here ya go!
  22. saxon

    Looking for THX Intro

    I have this version if anyone is interested
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