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  1. Little_b

    Having issue with background sequences

    I have seen a similar issue to this in the past and here is what I did. In my background sequence I had a "background preview" with just a couple props. In my regular sequence I included those same props with the same channel assignments. I didn't program those props in the regular sequence, but saw flickering. So I deleted the props out of the regular sequence and the problem went away. It's like both sequences were trying to communicate at the same time, and the controller got mixed signals.
  2. Mega Arch

    Regular string mega tree

    I have this and can send it tonight. What’s your email address?
  3. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi TheDucks, Thanks I appreciate that. I will update that page with more photos during this years set up. You're right a RGB tree probably would be easier but I already have 24 strings of 4 colors of c6 70 count strings. I also already have the mega tree kit from Christmas Light Show. I am actually planning on having 48 channels going across 3 controllers instead of 96 strings/channels on 6 controllers. I have that many, just trying to conserve them where I can. I do have 16 strings of square pixels running on DMX and I also have the LOR CCRII tree kit but not sure if I can get either of those in this years show. Since we have moved to our new house with a large front/side yard I can have a "Real" mega tree. I have been wanting and planning this for years. I know the RGB trees and spiral trees are cool and I like them too but I just want the wow factor of a 22' tall mega tree. Thanks, Al
  4. Sharpsburg Lights

    Singing Christmas Tree Printout

    I know this may not be the right place for this file. This is a replica of the singing christmas tree (8 channel). I am working on a pumpkin and other props. I give everything I create as free and please keep that way. I have attached a jpg image of the file as well as a png, svg and a pdf that you can printout. The printout can be printed and taped together. I use the big print program from Matthias. Enjoy. Singing Christmas Tree Scaled.svg Singing Tree Printout.pdf
  5. dibblejr

    Show Editor - Background vs Musical

    I do that all of the time to inflate my inflatables at various times and songs. The kids love it when This Is Halloween plays and the inflatable start to appear. An empty channel here and there is put to good use. JR
  6. Don

    Show Editor - Background vs Musical

    If 1/9 - 1/16 isn't configured on your sequences, then the sequence won't be sending out a signal to that unit/circuit.
  7. caniac

    Expert network advice needed.

    wow, I had a few of those I would travel with providing network support for a few clients (all to often you would ask them for the one you knew you left with them only to have them say "don't know where it is").
  8. jfuller8400

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    I would also check your overall system performance while you are trying to play a sequence: Ctl-Alt-Del, Select Task Manager, and then click on the Performance tab. You can then see your CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, and GPU utilizations. If any of those are really high you can click on the Processes tab and sort the processes by the high utilization component. This will at least tell you the offending process and you can continue troubleshooting from there.
  9. PhilMassey

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    What does the status monitor log say while this is happening. Should give us a clue as to what is going on. Try making 7 shows of one sequence each and play them on demand, one at a time.
  10. Mr. P

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    Have you tried creating a show with the Simple Show Builder? I only mention this because the SSB is pre-set it doesn't have all the options that Show Editor does so I am thinking if it runs correctly in SSB then there may be some settings in the Show Editor that may need to be changed.
  11. Confused1

    CCR Tree not working in show

    I have pro. I got it working with the help of Scooter. I had to set my LOR network as enhanced.
  12. Mr. P

    Power Injection to RGBs

    The Pixcon can handle 340 pixels a port but that doesn't mean the voltage will be good, it just means the data will be good. You still have to power inject after the first 100 pixels (12v) or first 50 pixels (5v) not only because of voltage drop but also the fuses on the Pixcon can't handle more then that. You didn't mention if you purchased the original CCP strings (4-wire) or the newer CCP ll strings (3-wire), makes a difference because they are different voltages. Some will power inject between the second and third string and some will power inject at the end of the third string. Me personally, I live by the KISS philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid, and will go out of my way not to power inject. To me power injecting just adds another level of complexity and more ways for something to go wrong.
  13. GriswoldStyle

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    When you added the device, it adds the 50 channel rows of black then you should have a few blank ones below those channels in se. double check those blank ones or select all the rows in the blank ones then cut everything from it. Sounds like you may have something in that area that could be causing a conflict. not saying that is the case but I did experience that before and had to go in and clear out all those blank spaces. I believe those are called the macro channels if I'm not mistaken.
  14. jfuller8400

    Expert network advice needed.

    One of my all time favorite Dilbert's:
  15. caniac

    Expert network advice needed.

    yep, those were the days. When businesses had a choice of $800 for a token ring card and $150 for ethernet, well you know what decision most made. And lets not forget ArcNet (star topology).
  16. jfuller8400

    Expert network advice needed.

    Hey, token-ring was great. Deterministic transmission times and built in resiliency. Who could ask for more? Too bad it was so much more expensive. Cat5 is easier, though.
  17. caniac

    My 2018 setup

    The carnage of the horseless headsman: Peanuts gang: Ghost Tree: Graveyard:
  18. james morris

    Tom Hanks - Polar Express

    It will be started after halloween
  19. Orville

    Hardware utility can"t locate controller

    Are both Comm ports showing up in the HWU? And did you set the comm port, the one you have the CTB16PC's set to as the "Network to Run Shows?", however, if you set that and then change to the other {2nd comm port} then the show won't run and sometimes things won't work in SE on the AUX comm and you'll get that error. It's a show stopper for sure. Once I set my show port to comm 3, where my CTB16PC's are to run the show, then I turned off that pesky message, because when I'd go to comm 4 where my RGB lights are on "Aux A" Network, I said yes to that use this comm port for shows, then when I went to use the SE or run a show, I got that same error, went back to HWU, set my show to comm 3, clicked on and checked box don't show this message again, tested controllers again in HWU, all working, went into the SE and well, still didn't work, also wouldn't run shows correctly and would bomb out with a comm port error. I had to go and change all my RGB controllers to the new Enhanced, High Speed 500K network. So if there aren't on the correct network, it's an easy fix, go into the SE, then open a sequence, then open Channel Configuration under the Tools Menu button, once you get the pop-up, use the drop down menu to locate the controller you want to change, I use tracks so all my RGB Controllers are under Track 7, once you have the area listed in the drop down box at the top of the channel config, select the controller, originally my showed Light-O-Rama Controller Unit CCD Device 01 or something like that, you can rename them if you want to something else, I changed mine to CCB-100. But to change all the channels that one controller is set for, click on the Change Color button at the bottom, you'll get another op up that shows "Change Controller" in the highlight bar, inside the area you will then see a list of controllers and what network they are on, if you used "Aux A" for say Controller 01{an RGB controller on Aux}, select it, it will show currently that it is on a Regular LOR Network, click the controller number in the area where they are listed to change. Once done at the bottom of the box you'll see 3 boxes that will be filled in, these are: Device Type: Network Unit: Before you click on a controller only Device Type will be filled in with "Unknown Device", once you click on the controller you want to change, all 3 boxes will be filled with information from the controller Device Type: Light-O-Rama Network: Regular Unit: 01 You Can't change the Device Type, that one is auto-populated from the controller, however the Network and Unit both have drop down sub menus, on Network, click the down arrow at the right end of its box and you'll see all the Networks you can select Regular, Aux A, Aux B, Aux C and so on. Select the Network you chose in the Network Configuration Utility when you set your 2nd Network up, "Aux A" in most cases, you can then select the unit ID, although usually the unit ID will stay the same as was populated, if it populated with the same controller you selected the first time, unit 01, you shouldn't need to change anything but the Network drop down box. Once done, click OK, you'll get another pop up asking "Are you sure you want to change ALL channels for this controller?", click "Yes" and all channels on controller 01 will now be set to "Aux A". Do this for each controller unit ID on "Aux A", resave your sequence and RE-EXPORT your Channel Configuration with the same name, that way the next time you create a new sequence using it, all controllers will be set to the right network. You can then also RE-IMPORT this new Channel Configuration into your existing sequences as long as they all have the same set-up as the one you changed, this will convert all those sequences to the new Network settings. You will have to load each sequence individually, then Re-Import the channel config. Hope this will resolve your problem. Yes, it's a little work, but not as much as if you had to change each channel individually! Good Luck and let us know how you make out.
  20. Don

    Worst customer service ever!

    Clifford, I get it. You had a bad experience with LOR to start out. In fact, your very first post here on the forums was a complaint. It should give you some idea about Light-O-Rama's character as a company when you learn that all posts by new forum members are moderated. This means that LOR didn't have to let your message get posted on the forums. However, they did, and John took time out of his weekend to resolve the issue for you. Everyone, LOR included, is entering into their busy season right now. LOR doesn't have a staff off 200 people waiting to answer tickets 24x7 on their help desk, but they do respond to tickets in the queue; as you have learned today. Welcome to Light-O-Rama! I know you'll have fun with it - A lot of us do.
  21. james morris

    Halloween 16 channel

    Sent some
  22. ItsMeBobO

    BE 01 Network Preferences

    http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.2/LORRegistryWipe.exe http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistryWipe.exe
  23. GriswoldStyle

    Extension Cord Routing ideas

    Gotta feed them lots of electrical tape. But be careful they do get gassy from it and produce a foul smell when they grow... But by that time you got much bigger problems than you think because all the electrical cords start shedding and duplicate into tiny little ones but they don't grow plugs back... they take on this funky black color and don't like to be plugged in after that..... But hey we all are trying to light things up... Why not light up a few cords while we're at it? You only short circuit once right? Live a little haha
  24. Orville

    Extension Cord Routing ideas

    I let mine grow wild one year, was hoping they'd reproduce so I could take a break from buying more of them. Alas it didn't work!
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