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  1. This may sound like a dumb question. I think I may know the answer but will ask anyways as I am not on my laptop today to try it. I made my colors in the sequence by changing intensities in the software on each red, blue and green channel. I was wondering is there a way to reduce the overall brightness across the entire sequence and not effect the color mixture.. If I had to describe it now, all channels when hitting white color would be at 100% and then just reduced from there to create the colors mixed in rgb. What I am wondering is if I reduce intensity across the channel (say reduce sequence by 30%) on every rgb channel, Will that mess with some of the colors I created? I'm just wondering if there is a trick to keep the colors exactly what they are now and then just change the brightness of it. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Just wondering how to reduce the overall brightness of the lights without it affecting the colors. Some colors are mixed for example 100% red, 30% blue and 0% for green) If I reduce that say 30% across the entire row, will that change just the brightness or will it reduce the colors and force me to have to recreate the sequence colors For example reducing the row by 30% will that eliminate the 30% on blue and leave me with 70% on red? Instead of the original 100% red and 30% blue.... If anyone can explain how to do this that would be great. As explained this is my first year with rgb so I'm a little confused or maybe I am just overthinking it. I ran this test sequence last night to see if everything was working on the tombstones I cut and made. However everyone in the family said it is way too bright and are concerned it will blind people. After 5 minutes of this song I understand what they mean. I was seeing dots when the song ended lol. Just want to tune the brightness down a bit and dont want to ruin the color creations. The video does it no justice. It is 10 times brighter in person. It was so bright it was lighting up the walls in the room in the back 14 feet behind the tombstones lol.
  2. Halloween display

    I have done a Christmas show since 2012. I have thought of doing a Halloween show but have never pulled the trigger. I am not looking at doing too many props really. I mainly just want to use my lights (pixels). I have some things I need such as 8 spooky eyes (pixels), 8 floods, 2 large spinners, a 24x50 matrix, the outline of my house and a few other props. I also have icicle pixels. Has anyone used their icicle pixels in a Halloween show? I feel that they could be useful but wanted to see what everyone else thought. Give me your insight please. Thanks
  3. I don't have S4 on any operating computer at this time so doing this by memory. Select a bunch of channels and time. Right click and there is a menu for adjusting the level. There are several options. You can increase or decrease by some percentage, and the more useful one is scale the intensity. What that will do is take every selected channel command and scale it by the amount you set. For example if at some point in time, an RGB channel is 80 / 70 / 20 and you scale it 50%, it would end up as 40 / 35 / 10. You can do this for a single channel for a short period of time up to every channel for the entire sequence. If you don't know how to select one or more channels for the entire sequence, ask. If I really have to when I'm at home I can fire up my OLD show computer which has some fairly late S4 version on it. Also quite willing to get onto the phone and if you have either VNC viewer or TeamViewer you can remote into my computer so you can see it.
  4. A DMX device (running on RS-485 cable - not E1.31) knows NOTHING about Universe. In your case, the Falcon controller DOES know about universes, and takes (for example) anything going to Universe 1 and spits it out on whatever output port you have told it to. Once it's a RS-485 data stream, Universe does not come into play. A single DMX universe can have up to 512 channels. Your 50W flood uses only 5 channels. So as long as you give different starting DMX addresses, you could have up to 102 50W floods on one daisy chain (as far as DMX channel numbering is concerned) - HOWEVER the DMX spec says only 32 devices on one network, so 102 would likely cause problems. Mr. P already posted how to set up the channels and that should be fine (other than when dealing with DMX starting addresses, it's in decimal and not hex, so his example would be IDs 1, 6, & 11 - see page 21 of the manual).
  5. Here is a link to all the different LOR licenses so you can compare the different levels: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/ Here is a link to the SuperStar info then you can go to the LOR store to purchase: http://www1.lightorama.com/superstar-add-on/
  6. You Need These Pliers

    Agreed that good tools are well worth the cost. That is a lesson I learned in reverse from my dad. He grew up during the great depression (he was born in 1927), so money was ALWAYS very tight. As a result, even though he always had a job after getting out of the service after WW2, he almost always tended to buy the cheapest tool that would do the job. That was usually followed by years of bitching about how much of a piece of crap it was. I pretty much never buy cheap tools as a result. BTW, either don't start, or get out of the habit of stripping wire with your teeth. Your dentist will thank you...
  7. Our 2018 Display!

    Try doing Disco Santa! Took me months to get that song out of my head!
  8. You Need These Pliers

    your a trusting man letting your wife have those tools. If you wake up one morning missing a kidney don't say you weren't warned!!
  9. Live For The Night( Krewella) Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    No but you got my intrest think I will do it stay tune
  10. View a Sequence

    In addition to what SPaschall said, if you decide that you don't want to upgrade to Pro and continue to use Sequence Editor, you will still need to upgrade. The Pixie16 controller uses 16 Unit IDs and the Basic Plus license level can only control 4 Unit IDs. You would need to upgrade to Advanced level license in order to use the 16 IDs. With that said, I would recommend that you make the jump to Pro and then you are covered for anything.
  11. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    yes it does, right now X-Lights does have more effects then S5 but many effects are similar between the two .
  12. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I am using S5 and very satisfied. Using all LOR controllers (CTB16, DUMB RGB, PIXCON16 and PIXIE).
  13. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    In my opinion if your already using Light O Rama to sequence you should stick with it . I have been using LOR to sequence for over ten years now when I seen Brian's ( Superstar 12 strip CCR tree ) I built one and bought the Superstar lights program before it was part of LOR from Brian. It's great to program with. When pixel trees came I built one six years ago at that time there weren't many pixel controllers to choose from so I went with a Jousha systems p12 controller and at that time the best way to sequence the pixel tree was in X -Lights so I used X- Lights to program but converted the sequence to LOR to run in LOR until the Pixel editor came along in S4 .In my opinion The model setup in S5 is similar to X-Lights and generating effects is done basically the same way . As for pixel controllers I started using Sandevices ,Jousha Systems and Falcon before LOR had there own ,so I only have LOR 16 channel ac and a few 24 channel dc controllers but in my opinion the Falcon is the easiest to setup .I now do all my sequencing in LOR .
  14. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    ^^ Oh and I guess my final 2 cents... on the subject, I am in technical sales, I am a software developer who runs a 30 man support team. Support Sells! How xLights is doing it, is simply having a group of fans, not experts, who can communicate with each other. (like the software ZOOM) and login when they are programming... need a hand/give a hand. No real cost. But sure handy. They also have a group of people who get swag to be part of the UBER group. Such as James, K6ccc, Caniac and more they offer products... it helps promote products and helps incentives those who pitch in, like those just mentioned. Just food for thought.
  15. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I can only speak for the Falcon controllers. I have 5 total and love them. I still use LOR software with the Falcon's. They are super user friendly and support is great. I would highly recommend them. I have over 12,000 pixels in my display and LOR software has handled them fine for me. I am switching to S5 and believe it will be a step in the right direction for LOR.
  16. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    Both Pixel Editor and SuperStar do that just fine. I agree that if you are sequencing large amounts of pixels in Sequence Editor, you are torturing yourself. Yes, I know that there are people who do pixels in SE (George for one as I recall), but personally I would not even consider trying to sequence a matrix type prop in SE. Either SuperStar or Pixel Editor is FAR easier (I'm partial to SS). BTW, a string of pixels (for example a fenceline or roofline) may not be too bad in SE, but for example trying to do text on a matrix using SE would take a massive amount of time compared to either SS or PE.
  17. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I have used LOR for years but when I started tinkering with Pixels I just had issues with it. In simple terms the LOR software is all about strands of lights (though it supports pixels) and as long as I was doing LOR AC only it works great. xLights lets you program at the model/prop level as opposed to strand of lights (do a color fade on model one starting with green and ending with red), for LOR you have to do that a pixel at a time (I have not used Pixel Editor or S5). xLights has the ability to configure the Falcon controller, function not available with LOR or Pixcon. whether you switch to xLights or stay with LOR has a lot to do with what direction you are taking your show. Last year after the OKC mini I wanted to add a P10 matrix. At that time it was only supported in bridge mode on LOR and I wanted to do more with it than that. xLights was my answer, have not looked at S5 to see how it would handle it. Also I was able to import all my LOR sequences into xLights so I lost none of my hard work.
  18. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I have never played with either a Pixcon nor Falcon controller, so no personal use of either one. Yes, the service from LOR is second to none. With that said, I have heard that the Falcon controllers are some of the easiest to setup of any pixel controllers (second or third hand information). Personally I started using SanDevices controllers when there weren't a lot of choices for pixel controllers. I love them and have no plans to switch to anything else - bought another one a few months ago. As for the software, I have never played with XLights, but my understanding is that it is very similar to Pixel Editor (or actually the other way around). As I really don't like Pixel Editor, I don't see any reason to believe that I will love XLights. I am dipping into the Falcon Player world this year because I will be adding a couple P10 panels which will use FPP to drive the panels. However at least so far, planning on driving FPP in bridge mode from LOR. I pretty much do everything in LOR in SuperStar, and AM making the jump to S5 this year. Part of that is because I am making a LOT of hardware changes which is requiring a major "conversion", and switching to S5 would also require a big "conversion" so might as well combine the two "conversion" projects. I'm still not overly thrilled with the SuperStar integration in S5, but it is SLOWLY getting better. It will likely never get to where I can sequence the way I have in the past in SuperStar (which will likely at least double my sequencing time). My two cents worth...
  19. senior year Part #2

    Like your spiral trees. I hope to do one next year.
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