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Macro mode fill away and fill toward


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This is something I wanted to bring up a while back but I knew it wasn't the time. Now that a new bunch of people was getting used to their CCRs I will throw it out there.

If you have more than one CCR used for arches you need to decide where the control box will be for each. I have two and I put the control boxes right next to each other both in the center between the two arches. This was a minor mistake which came out in the sequences. The two boxes should have probably been both on the right or both on the left. But I wanted to keep the boxes away from the yard edges so people would not be tempted to look too closely at them and where I could see them.

The macros all move toward or away from the controller. So in my set up I had to use different macro modes to make the motion appear the same (both to the right) and the same mode to make the motion appear symmetrical ( both to center or both away from center). This was confusing and I had to fix several spots after watching them.

Anyway... I said all that to suggest that their be a config option to set the 'home' side of the ribbon. The macros could then mean to go toward or away from home instead of toward or away from the control box.

This would allow the chase direction of a ribbon to be flipped for all sequences without changing them. Box placement would be more flexible and macro mode consistent when multiple ribbons are side by side.

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