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S2 Version 2.7.6 Released


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Version 2.7.6 of the software has been released. This is a bug fix release:

  • On some computers, only a thin sliver of the Schedule Editor's vertical scroll bar was displayed, making it difficult to grab and scroll with it.
  • Protection against a possible crash in the Sequence Editor was added. We know of no reports of customers experiencing this crash, and we believe it would only happen in relatively rare, esoteric situations, but in any case, it won't happen now.

Please note that this release comes soon after the release of version 2.7.4, which contained significantly more changes than this release does. So, if you haven't already seen the announcement for version 2.7.4, you can see the rest of what has been added since version 2.6 here:


For the complete change log, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page, which you can see online at:


You can get the installer for the new version from the software download page:


If that page says a version number other than 2.7.6, please try hitting your browser's "refresh" button.

Please Note:

If you upgrade to this from an earlier release, it might ask you to activate your license again. This will not use up one of your license seats.

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