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CAT-5 connector


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One of my cat-5 connectors on my CTB16PC controllers is coming off the board. What is the best way to put it back on?? Will silicone caulk work or should I use something else? It is loose, not all the way off.

Thanks in advance as always.

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Good afternoon


I figured someone that has had this problem would chime in

That is one of my problems ---- I figure

Some where on here is a post that explained how to de-soldier the

cat5 connector and re attach


The second post explains how he repaired it

I do not touch the board anymore --- the following pics in the same post

is what I use and I do not even open the boxes anymore ---- I do look at

them at setup time just to make sure they are critter free

Frank A.:P

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Thanks Frank,

Mine is only loose on the top, still works fine, just want to fix it before it breaks off completely. Maybe super glue will work. I can see the clear adhesive is loose, just did not know what would work best.

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The problem is, when the plastic pulls away from the board, the metal pins stay soldered. This literally pulls some of the wires that are supposed to contact your plug from inside the jack where they should be to between the jack and the board, where they don't do any good.

If this were me, I would order replacement jacks from Dan (they will be very cheap) and solder new ones on. Not doing this is asking for communications problems down the road, and that's the last thing you want when you're either rushing to get the display online for opening night, or running around the yard with a flashlight and a cable tester with the display dark and cars lined up wondering what's up...

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