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channel is stuck on


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My LOR units are still plugged in and the USB cable is not connected to the computer as we speak
we had a power outage today and when the power came back on, one channel of the lor came on and wont turn off, even when the unit is unplugged it turns back on when plugged back in
I tried doing a unit ID reset and it didnt do anything, the channel is still stuck on, what do I do?

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The same happened to me and it turned out to be a fried Triac.
I tried everything you did to no avail. Thanks to this wonderful board and the one at PC, I found out about the triac.
My understanding of a triac is that is like a relay and the relay has shorted on.
Dan sent me one and I re-soldered it on the board and now it works perfect.
Try sending them an email.

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I'm not good at soldering and I got it done, so I'm sure you'll do fine.
I contacted them at support@lightorama.com told them what I thought it was and they responded to me and sent me out the triac.
Great bunch of folks at LOR!

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the last night I actually had my light display running was December 20th
My mom broke her leg Dec 21 and we ended up away from home over Christmas, Mom had surgery to repair the break by having a plate put in, and is still in the hospital, today is day 51, , she had a follow up appointment yesterday and it will be another month before she can put her weight on the leg,
we will celebrate the Christmas she and us missed whenever she gets home
all of our lights are still up but not on, and our trees are still up
how I knew I had a problem was when I returned home from visiting mom last night and the lights were on on one channel.and the units arent even plugged in the computer, so I knew I had a problem, I changed the unit id on that controller and it made no difference, so I did the jumper pin thing suggested and that made no difference, I would like to have this thing fixed so when my mom returns home I can have our display runing for at least a week, We dont know when she will get home, so we may be celebrating Christmas , easter , Valentines Day, her birthday and her anniversary all in one


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