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New display this year, tell me what you think.


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Hey Guys, I've been surfing around this site for a couple of years. This past year I finally put 16 channels on my mom's house. A little over 4200 lights.

Already for next year we're expanding by adding 48 more channels and about ten thousand lights. I did have a hard time as I saw most of you did getting those lights post christmas... still need to get a few more strands.

Anyways, before you know my whole life story I was wondering what you thought of the show I designed for my mom's house this year.

I know I'm not exactly a pro yet. I just graduated college and am absolutely loving this job market but at least I have my humor and my christmas lights...


This is just one of the songs we did for this year. Click on the other videos for the others. We raised over three hundred bucks for a local charity, not a ton of money but hopefully that improves...

Constructive criticism more than welcome.

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wilmesfamilylights wrote:

Constructive criticism more than welcome.

You don't have to ask us twice for that!!! LOL

I thought you did excellent for just having 16 channels. I am sure by the first couple of days you found out fast the limitations of so few channels (and what you could do with twice or 4 times as many channels!!)

Obviously you have some musicality (the lights matched the beat). I think for some that might be the hard part...so now with more channels this year, let your imagination soar!!!

Definitely get a light on your "Radio Sign" so people know what station to tune to (if in fact that was a Radio Sign..couldn't quite tell in the "dark"). :)

Welcome to the addiction!

PS: A "REAL" job just gets in the way of this "hobby"...but I guess someone has to pay for all the lights, controllers, extension cords...

Dating a rich woman by chance???
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Good morning


Great job

You have a good jump on this habit

let me think ????? ah yes more lights more controllers

i can picture your roof lights (tent top to me) chasing back and forth

keep up the good work

remember WWWCL Wonderfully Wacky World of Christmas Lights

Frank A.:)

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Thanks for sharing your work. Everybody has to start somewhere and you've got plenty of room to grow and expand the display - I wish I had that much room to work with in MY front yard. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. Welcome to the madness!

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Thanks everyone for the comments. The one song I linked was the one I liked the least out of all of them this year.

As for next year my neighbors all loved it. One neighbor is making a life size nativity out of plywood. I'm going to paint it white and use flood lights to light it. The house will be color designed next year so the whole house won't be white it will also be green and red. Alongside the nativity will be ten mini trees five on both sides, they'll be white.

Also a twenty foot mega tree is being added with eight channels of both red and green, should look nice.

It's a lot to add in one year but it'll get done.

these two songs were my favorite to program and see.

We did lose two candy canes later in the year when a few kids who were playing in the yard tripped over them.... oh well at least I bought extras.

Again thanks for the encouragement!
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Very nice job!!! One of the best I've seen with 16 channels.

You could really add some punch to it with some strobes....and they only take one channel.

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I agree with the others that you did a great job with 16 channels, and I also agree that your lights match the beat.

George made a good point, you have a good yard to work with, and it looks like you could have a good balanced display.

That big tree trunk must have a large tree attached to it, man that tree would look awesome all decked out in lights.

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That tree is a Linden that is probably well over 70 feet tall...

I don't think I'll be able to get that all decked out in lights for at least the next few years... But next year the yard will come into play big time. Mega Tree, 10 mini trees and a life size nativity...

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