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DIO32 input channels to call sequences running on a 1602MP3


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Searched the forum for an answer and couldn't confirm what I hope will work.

Can sequences running from the flash memory of a LOR1602MP3 be triggered by switch closures on input channels of a DIO32?

I'm aware that the sequences running on a 1602MP3 can be set up to be interactive and be triggered by switch closure on any one of six inputs on the Show Director card.

My question is can this concept be expanded to include calling many more sequences (set up for interactive) assigned to input channels on a DIO32?

My hope is to have as many as 38 individual sequences (loaded on an SD card, and running under Show Director control) that may be called in interactive mode by button presses to one of 38 (6 on the Show Director & 32 on the DIO32) discrete buttons on a 'song/effects board'.

Is this possible?

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Spoke w/ Brian at LOR. He stated that the Show Director is limited to using only the six trigger inputs (on itself) to call up to six sequences stored on the Show Director flash memory device.

No expansion of the concept is possible.

So how to use all 32 DIO channels to trigger 32 different interactive sequences?

He said the only combination that could do this would be using a DIO32 and any number of controllers under PC control.

If I understood him correctly there was no artificial limit to the number of DIO32's that could be used as inputs to trigger interactive sequences running under LOR software on a PC.

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Thanks Jeff. I think I'm clear now on what triggers are available in different configurations.

My application is a driveable sound and light show. Sort of a private parade float, if you will. A "Fiestamobile". In this mobile application an autonomous show controller (Show Director MP3) was a primary goal. I knew it had six onboard triggers but hoped the dio32 triggers could launch sequences running on the Show Director.

Oh well, now that I understand that DIO32 input triggers can only be used under PC control, I'll throw a PC on board as well. I ordered the DIO32, two 16 channel I/O cards, and a 8 channel relay card this afternoon. Will either use all 32 channels as inputs, or 24 as inputs and 8 with the relay card.

I think I'll house it all in a large plastic box and mount the switches to the front cover.

Thanks again.

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