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LOR's the BEST!

Big Island Brandon

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I finally got around to removing the boards out of the five controllers that got zapped by the power surge from a lightening strike. A call to LOR gave me little hope they could be salvaged, but they said to send them in anyway and would check them out. I boxed them up and sent them off.....and within a week all five were repaired and headed back to me!

You can't go wrong with LOR!!!

Thanks to all the folks at LOR.....and now I have some extra money to spend on new controllers!!!

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Hi Brandon

I chided you back when you were struck by lighting

about getting video of it.

I'm glad to hear things are working out for you

equipment wise.

Oh! are you going to get video this time around?

Glad your back in the wacky world of Christmas lights(not lightning)

Frank A.:)

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LOL! Ya.....I've been telling my wife that I need a live webcam for my display....which would have caught the lightning bolt! I'll give it a shot this year....

Ya...I'm excited I can add to my display rather than shell out more bucks just to keep the size I have now. Now it's time to set-up the "test" display elements and start creating some new effects!

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