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Mac Anyone?

Donny M. Carter

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We are a mac house, have been since the 80's, the only windows machine we have is 100% for LOR. I wish there was mac software for LOR. I'm not putting windows on one of our macs, that is just silly :)

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Ya I am a mac user too so I feel you

If you want to use windows programs 99.9999% of the time using boot camp will work just fine. (personal I have yet to have a program not work right, I just know there were a few issues, like 3DS max was not working right, but for all I know it could be fixed by now) It's what I use since there are a few programs I can't find mac counter parts for and well I am stuck usually coding programs and web sites that play nice with windows.

I ended up just using a net book I had for LOR. It was not even a powerful net book by any means and it had no problem with the LOR software.

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I just moved LOR to my Mac.
Was afraid to try it at Christmas.

So far all I have tested is the sequence editor and Holiday lights. All seem to work fine.

I loaded VM Ware's product Fusion and XP Professional. What VM Ware does is create a portion that Windows runs under. It's smart enough to make it very transparent. I can bounce between Mac OS and Windows XP seamlessly. No reboots or special boots.

Next test to try running a show with a controller hooked up.


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first the tease - you guy are offending me LOL - MCSE means Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.... MAC's don't pay my bills

But my real post is serious;

If you use VMWare to run your show you will have to shut guest isolation off and you will have to ensure the USB port is being forwarded to the vm

Ones you do that you can use your Mac to run a WIN OS that runs a WIN Applicaion that uses your MAC's Hardware...

Wouldn't it be easier to use MAC software and shoot all of us MS guys? LOL

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I am MS guy at work, from desktops to servers.

But I must admit,I have had one of my Macs for two years used at least 5 nights a week and I have not had a single forced re-boot.
Never had a problem with drivers or patches.

Can't we all just along :(

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