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Bazillion Lights 09'


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OOPs...Pics and video links...

Well we have our videos done!!!
I posted standard non HD videos on Vimeo. I'll do HD one as soon as i figure out how. For 09' we used 256 channels with a mix of CTB16D's and CTB16 PC's
Everything went flawless except for maybe 5 GFI trips. We had 52,000 lights sync'd to 15 songs.
http://www.vimeo.com/videos/search:bazillion lights
You can also see them here.

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Good evening

had to respond

now that is lit up

great job

now i'll go look at the video

just the pic is great

Frank A.:)

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hi toymakr000

awesome video

great work

that orbiting trick is really good

in the still pic you dont see the contour(peak)

of the roof line as well as in the videos

Awesome work

i gotta vote for the dueling B's

i just like that tune

did i see somewhere that you were going to try

and make it to LUO2010 in Columbus

Frank A.:)

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That looks great! Well done! Your house really looks like the one from Christmas Vacation when you do that song! That's for sharing Toy Makr!


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