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Contest Video Size for Uploading?

Mike Bagwell

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I am going to upload my contest-1 video to the contest server. Is there a prefered format. I am looking at .WMA as menchend in the rules. Could not find anything on the size of file. Is 35meg to big, or does it need to be less than 20meg for emailing. Is there a certain frame size you want like: 360 x 264 that makes a 14.5meg file. Please Advise. Thanks

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What is your source material HD/SD?

What is your editing software? Many have built in templates.

You mention uploading to contest server (not sure what this is) AND emailing.

For emailing, if you have Apple codecs, I would use MP4 or MOV @ 320 x 240 and audio encoded at 64kbs. These will render very acceptable files that are not a monster to mail. You could also bump up the resolution 640 x 480 if you wanted a little higher quality.

DIVX is also a great format for keeping quality and reducing size.

There is nothing wrong with WMV but it is not the best, IMO.

As to the contest, I am not sure there is a file restriction but finding an email client to handle such a large file might be a problem. Try yahoo mail.

The contest is not about the quality of the video though I am sure it does not hurt. You should try to encode using various methods and see which ones look the best.

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