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Videos of our 2009 show!


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Here are 8 videos from our 2009 show! (Our 2nd year with LOR.) I'll post the 96 channel sequences on our website within the next week or so.

TSO’s Christmas Eve – Sarajevo

TSO’s Wizards in Winter

Amazing Grace (Techno)

Winter Wonderland

Skillet – Hero

Good King Wenceslas
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Thanks! :)

Your site is blocked by my workplace, so I'll have to check out your videos when I get home...

I've posted all of my 2009 sequences at http://www.andersonlights.com/home/?page_id=75 (This includes both my 32 channel ones from 2008, and the new 96 channel ones for 2009)

I'm still trying to finish converting my Halloween Monster (by Skillet) sequence for tomorrow night...

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Thanks! I like your videos too! (The THX intro is way cool! :D)

I had much more traffic this year then last. The week before Christmas we had cars out watching 95% of the time, and most of the time we had 7-10 cars watching! (I would say it was almost the perfect amount of traffic!

What about you, how was your traffic?

I’ve added another video I did for New Year’s Eve – a “Full sized” Monster! (Also by Skillet) - http://www.vimeo.com/8479542

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we had a blizzard here so that derailed most of our traffic on Christmas Eve and we never got the traffic back since the city doesn't own snowplows. We got somewhere between 8 to 10 inches.

The night before the blizzard we counted 80 cars that drove by AFTER the show went off at 9pm... We had an RV come by also :D

Next year should be even better--hope to move the display to another location...

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