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How to display artist and song title for viewers to see


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I want to be able to let viewers know what the song and artist is, during each sequence so they know which is their favorite, etc.

Is there a way to do such a thing with LOR?

I believe LOR is not compatible with LED Triks. Unless you can interface LOR with the generic scrolling sign that you can buy at Costco, etc.



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There is an excellent "how-to" for the RDS and LOR interface.

But majority of the people here don't have RDS-equipped radios in their cars.

So I wanted to use an LED display that is kinda close to the road to display the artist and song titles.

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Updating the display of a sign would be the same as using RDS only the command line utility or the file being monitored would depend on your sign software.

To accomplish this, I presume you have software that will run from the command line and update your sign, OR that your sign software monitors a file you can update and your sign display software will automatically pick up the changes and display them.

To do this you would create a batch file that has the necessary batch file commands that would run your command line display utility or update the file that the utility reads. What is contained in your batch file is dependant on your setup. Here's my example:

I have a batch file with the following. It copies the content of one text file to another:

Copy /Y d:lorrdsHouseOnChristmasStreet.txt d:lorrdsRDS.TXT

In my HouseOnChristmasStreet.txt file, I have a single line that shows the song and artist.

"The House on Christmas Street by Judy Pancoast"

The RDS.TXT file is monitored by my RDS software and updates the RDS signal on my transmitter.

To have LOR execute your batch file at the beginning of your sequence, you would do the following:

Open your sequence to edit it.
Select Edit -> Windows Command
In the "Windows Shell Command" dialog, enter the FULL path of where your batch file resides. If you do not enter the full path, it uses the default relative to where LOR is installed. To make things easy, I just use the full path (Personal Preference).
Select a window style. I have multiple applications running my RDS, before and after show music, etc. My selection is "Normal, No Focus", but you should select what you need.

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