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I read numerous posts like this back at the beginning of the year when I was trying to decide which system to buy. It's this kind of message that caused me to buy 9 controllers, a serial adapter and a powered USB adapter from LOR.

When I had a hardware issue, I didn't even have time to request help and I was told by Dan that new controllers were in already shipped. THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

I have all 9 controllers set up in my back yard right now! Mega Tree a-flashin'

Thank You Light-O-Rama!!!!


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Deffinetly would have to say LOR customer service is top notch. Last year I really wanted to be using there product and when I called LOR back last August, Dan told me that I if I really plan to order I shouldn't wait to much longer becuase supply runs out fast before Christmas. Well I waited, but this year we ordered and I have talked to Mary on the phone several times and emailed Dan numerious times (he probably has a hard time following all 3 of my emails thou.) Just between Dan and Mary they are great. With the other workers they have helping out they are fabulous. Very fast responses and very clear responses. For anyone shy calling a company asking questions, dont be with LOR.

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