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Andy Wallman

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I'm officially addicted! 2008 was my first year and I had 48 channels. I expanded to 80 for 2009. Now, I'm already thinking about next year and will go to at least 96 channels, quite possibly 112.

The most expensive part of my display would have to be all of the electrical wiring. I've used 5-wire multi-conductor cable with a 4-outlet box in a semi-weather-proof box. All LED lights, so I used a shared neutral coming back due to the low amperage.

In thinking about expanding, I'm wondering if I truly need that kind of wiring. The advantage is one length powers 4 different channels. And it is in a nice thick insullation protecting it from the weather. I live in Indianapolis, so our December consists of rain and snow with temperatures ranging from 10 or 15 overnight to upper 30's during the day.

For those of you in similar, or harsher climates - what do you use to run your power from the controllers? Would just some lamp cord be sufficient, or is that too high of a risk due to weather?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

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Good morning


I do what you describe sort of

my controllers are fix mounted inside with no

enclosure I wire to a terminal strip

from the strip I wire to trailer plugs

use a long cable to outside in proximity of lights

I am trying to get to a plug and play state

Frank A.:)

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How is that trailer plug and socket working out? I am just wondering one thing. Is that connector rated for 120VAC? Just concerned that no one get hurt using that device.

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Good morning

specs on trailer plug not on paperwork

the physical gap between conductors is greater

than on an industrial harting connector

the actual size of the trailer connectors (power conductors) are

the same size as harting used for 600 volt

what I don't know is the quality of the 'for lack of a better term'

bakelite insulation

units mounted indoor out of the way of people traffic

four receptacles mounted on metal plate -- grounded/bonded --

to electrical ground and to duplex receptacle outdoor boxes

have had no issue with gfi tripping or breaker tripping

since light show turn on at Thanksgiving

I did have gfi tripping before launch during testing -- poor wiring

technique on my part -- not wiring outlets in shop but in front of ID 10 T

tube -- just poor practice

Frank A.:P

worked well but not cheap molex is probably better way to go for bigger


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