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Christmas 09


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Okay so a few days ago we received 24 inches of snow here. These are some pictures of the display covered in snow. Videos will come once more snow melts right now quite a bit of the lights are covered by the snow (especially 6 of my 16 channels).










So do you think I went a bit over bored spending abut 45 min to dig out the blow up by hand... I do think it looks kind of cool though :)

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Looks good, not much snow here in Florida yet. It might get down to 60 tonight BRRRRRR!! But really, even without video, looks good. Will be waiting for video. I've been through 4 camera's, and still can't get one to work.

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I have not filmed the LOR Sequences out side, but I have filmed some in doors, and filmed some other static pieces that came pre programed with some animation and my camera has done a great job I would say.

I have Nikon d90. If you like photography I can highly recommend it. All the night pics you see of my lights where taken with it, and i had no tripod.

Edit: here a test video of LOR I put on line of my first time I set it up shot with the d90


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