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Windows XP with only 256Mb Athlon 1.2Ghz

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I have an old laptop I was going to use to drive the show but it seems slow when running the edit software, pausing and not keeping up with music.

I have 3 newer pc's that all run LOR software fine. Should I just use one of them?

I wanted a cheap one just in case of a problem.

I could upgrade the memory to 512 for about $45.

What do you think?

This is my first year with LOR equipment. I have 48 channels to work with this year.



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When you are running the shows during the season, you will not be running them with the sequence editor.

Once you have set up your shows via the show/scheduling editors, LOR will control the the lights with nothing else open, aside from the control panel.

The sequence editor is very memory intensive, and will lag behind sometimes. You should not worry, though, for reasons mentioned above.

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Just as a general recommendation, I can say that you can usually get the most bang for the buck by upgrading the memory to 512mb and removing much of the "junk" that you probably have running from startup. Every hardware and software manufacturer out there has the misguided belief that their software should run 24/7 because it's so important.

But all those applications running at once eat up memory and processor time. For example, your printer probably has an app running, as does your music software, your digital camera software, your video software, your tax software, your computer update software, live chat software, and so on. You'll see all the icons in the tray at the bottom right of your screen. A few are necessary... among them: antivirus, antispyware, speaker icon, firewall, clock. The less junk you have running, the faster your computer will run.

BTW, a benefit of increasing your memory (up to a point) is that your hard drive doesn't have to work as hard and will live longer as a consequence.


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