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Powering at 100'


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Newbie here and doing some homework. If I have all my controllers cased in a single location in the yard but my power source is 100’ away, can I run one single 12 gauge from the power source to the control then split it right at the controller for the left/right or is it best to run two 16 gauge extension cords for the left/right on each controller?

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I am sure alot will chime in on this one. We need a little more information. Are you trying to hook up two different controlers to the same plug. First we can assume that you have two 16 channel controllers. That would but it at max needed 60AMPS . When you go from controller to lights I always think AMPS. The plug you are using for your power source , is it on its own circuit breaker? I can give you an example of what I am running.

I have a 100 Amp slave running off my main breaker. I have two 16 channel contollers that operate off 4 seprate 20 Amp circuits ( the plug on each controller has 20 AMPS avaliable) . I am running a total of 22 Amps of LED lights. I do have it broke down by controller then to each side of the controller.

I hope I did not make a total mess of your question. There is alot of post hear on electrical. I did alot of reading .

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Good morning

Chris it is really hard to give you any info

we do not know how many controllers you have

or what models they are

different models different loading

1 controller = x load

10 controllers = xxxxxxxxxx load

extension cord info

Frank A.:)

Attached files 193666=10839-extension_cord.jpg

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I haevn't purchased anything yet. We're finishing up wiring my workshop and I'm getting ready for the control feeds for each. I'm adding a sub-pannel to include seperate breakers for each controler.

I have a lot to learn.

Yep. I'm hook also and haven't bought anything yet! Go figure!

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i am a real nut case when it comes to documenting things

but from my ppt files on that link you can see

how good documentation will make it easier to

run diagnostic tests as your system expands

I use power point because you can save it as a jpeg file

which you can post here.

Frank A.:)

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For you planning process, you need to start with the lights and work back towards your ultimate source of power.

It really matters not what controllers you have. It matters what your total draw is going to be. People seem quick to power you up to your maximum potential, but you may not need that.

I have 4 controllers. Three control almost all led. The total for the three controllers is just over 8 amps. I power all three controllers with 1 50' 16g extension cord.

People seem quick to power you up to your maximum potential, but you may not need that.

You should also try a neat little power usage utility found here:


You load in your LOR channels and run your sequences. The program will display the power demand of the sequence.

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