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Germann Family Holiday Light Show 2009!


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Hey guys,

This is my second year programming lights, and I bought a Easy Light Linker to get my neighbor in on the action!

I have 32 channels on my house, and 16 on my neighbors house!

I plan to buy at least 2 or 3 more 16 channel units, and then link up my neighbor next door, we'll see what happens though!

Here's some videos!

Wizards of Winter by TSO.

Carol of The Bells by August Burns Red

I did a few other songs, but I need to still record / edit them.

My local newspaper did an article on my light show too!

You can read that here:

I would love to hear any comments you have, and any constructive criticism.

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Thanks guys! I'm adding more and more every year, but looks like I'll be missing out on the Christmas Light sale.. every store in the area has no good lights anymore, and it doesn't look like they'll stock up before the season is over... Oh well.

I have about 3 other songs that I plan to upload this week, so we'll see!

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I like the video editing as well -- Picture in Picture. You are way beyond my Premiere Elements skills. But, i might look into it. I live on a corner so it is hard for me to get the whole house in the screen. Maybe I can shoot one side and have the other side in a smaller window.


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Thanks Scott, the video editing program I am using is "Sony Vegas", which is a pretty expensive product, but I was able to get it muchhh cheaper with a student discount.

It looks like YouTube removed my Wizards of Winter video due to copyright... *shrugs* Anyone know how to get it back up?

I uploaded it on Vimeo anyways because I knew this would happen...

Here's the same video on Vimeo:

Planning to get the other 4 songs taped and edited by the new years, I'll be sure to post them here!
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I have seen a couple posts relative to how to make an appeal to YouTube on the Fair Use rights. To me it is just not worth it. Go to Vimeo.


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