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Ballarat's Dazzling Lights


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Nice work. Love the Driveway arches!!! My goal for next year is 5 I have 2. 3 more would be great... And we're going to try and make them leap... :D

Merry Christmas

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Thanks for the nice comments re the Arches and the Firework.

Each of the leaping light arches has 1000 white LEDs split across 10 channels.

The driveway arches have 260 red, 260 green and 260 white across each arch and they look even better if there has been a little bit of rain due to the reflection off the ground.

I've just uploaded our latest video of "Explosive" by Bond to: http://www.vimeo.com/8392703

More videos to come over the next few weeks as time permits...



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