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This year I seem to have a lot of broken mini bulbs. At first I thought it might be vandals but some are near the front door, others on the roof. The glass is broke. In the past I might experience one or two a year but this year I have replaced about ten. We have had more rain this year than in the past and unless it's a down pour, I leave the lights on.

Any thoughts?



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Funny you should mention this... I've also had a good amount of broken minis this year. We haven't had much rain, just a bit of snow now and then.

I'd say half the bulbs are broken right at the base, as in no glass left and then I'm seeing about half where they are broken right at the midway mark.

Not really too big a pain except I did have to get the step ladder out for a strand on the 12' tree tonight. Darn bulb broke about a foot from the top... of course. :D Then there are two strands on the mega-tree where the top halves are out but I'm not dropping it in the cold just to fix those... more than likely I'd break more than that just trying to fix 'em.


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