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Belardo Lights in San Diego on Fox 5 News


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Last night, Erica Fox from Fox 5 News came over and did a nice interview and story about our display. Many of you know the background about our display, but this year it has been especially challenging because our 13 year old son Brandon has been in Utah for some time getting therapy for his anger. It wasn't safe for us in the house, so we had to make a very difficult decision to remove him. It won't be forever, but definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to do...I miss him so much!

We know it's the best thing to help him and our family, but it has been difficult with the display going up and thinking about all the fun times we've had creating it. So it's turned into a tribute this year! We're not sure just yet when he'll be returning, but I was able to work with Brandon on various parts of the display, announcements and programming when we have visited him every 6 weeks.

The display is just that much more special this year, and it has been good therapy for me this year to focus on the display and think about how much joy it brings our boys and others.

Fox 5 did a nice story, and actually added some additional footage this morning when it aired again. They even put in a shot of our LOR controllers as well, and really wanted to get a shot of me "plugging something into the wall". I hope you enjoy the news story...

If you're in the San Diego area, please stop by and check out our display!!! We'd love to show you around and talk about Christmas lights!

Thanks, Randy


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