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One PC16 Dead

Scott Laska

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Hope you have a suggestion. I have one PC16 controller out of 10 that has no red led.
Box was working fine since thanksgiving.
Last night the box went out. I changed both fuses no power led. Checked the power feed to the box it is ok.
I did have to remove a worm that was in the box and torching the transformer.The worm was not fried and the transformed looked ok. lol
I then tried another set of fuses. Still no power. Double checked the jumper setting it is correct. The box is set up for 30 amp power.
I am only running 15 sets of total light on the box. 10 are leds.


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When you first unplug it, is anything warm? The transformer, either of the voltage regulators, or either of the chips in sockets?

Also, (especially if everything is cold) try pulling, and reinstalling both of the jumpers that select the supply voltage for the transformer that powers the logic. One of them may have a bad contact

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