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Grab your mic


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Okay we should all have Audacity or something similar. Get your mic and get ready to make some really cool anouncements.

Plug your mic in .

Press the red circle and speak "Ho ho ho Merry Christmas". Press the yellow square to stop.

Go back and right click (highlight) the sound waves.

Go to tool bar across the top to click on features. Scroll down to change pitch. then click on "down" and select pitch. Then press preview.

Your voice will be deep and robust like good ol saint Nick. It will take some time to get it just right. This works great for elf voives also.

There are limitless possibilities. When done just save as project, then export as mp3 to light o rama. Open a new sequence, drop in music, click on lights on and drop them into your shows. I have about 15!

Good luck


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I to have used it for my radio bumpers. I did not like the sound of my voice and started playing with the speed and pitch learning that I could make it sound like an elf as well. Another tip is to go back and use the noise removal option to help get rid of any back ground noise that the mic picked up.

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I didn't like the sound of my voice either, but I recorded the wife and sped it up instead of changing the pitch. She made a pretty good elf. Even her co-workers didn't realize it was her in our intro. I will have to play with the pitch thing. I was new to Audacity this year and didn't have to much time to play around with everything.

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