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steve gibbons

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I’m a long time lurker in the forums and a second year user. I didn’t take the advice I read about crawling, walking and running. I started out with 64 channels and 20,000 lights last year and upgraded to 144 channels and 32,000 lights this year.

The video of last year’s show was too poor to post, but I got a better camera this year and have uploaded my videos to Vimeo.

Here are the links:

Do You Hear What I Hear - Spiriling


I want a Hippo for Christmas


Amazing Grace - Yule


Jingle Bells - Yello


Christmas Time - Go Fish


I would appreciate any feedback.

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Love your camera angle. Must have been on a ladder of something. You have got great color changes and I really like the vertical moving bars back against the house. The hanging rope between the posts in front of your fence is just calling out to be turned into arches to give you some more movement in the display to complement the color changes. But, that is just my taste in things.


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