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I came home to a horrible sight. Well for me it is cause I am a noob. I had a channel stuck on and the rest of the show not even running. Upon further inspection I found that the control pannel could not start the show due to some audio error. I restarted the computer. BUT while the computer was restarting that dang channel was still on. I was able to get the show running but the channel was still stuck on at about 50-75% The channel is very important and I have no where to move it. It is a 300 count Red Minis of one of my mini trees. I unplugged it show it would be an eye sore during the show but I already tried to

Restart the computer

Unplug and Replug the network

Thing is working. Any Ideas. I refuse to believe it is a Triac. I dont want to believe it if it is.

Thanks I will work on this more tomorrow after the show and see if I have any changes.

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