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no comms to modules


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My showhas been going for 2 weeks now but last night we had a wild storm. I shut all down including the pc but tonight when i fires it all up i have no comms to the modules. I have tested the cat5 cables, rebooted the pc a few times reseated the comms adaptor and all to no avail... is there any way to test the rs232-485 adaptor or can i make a new 1 to try it out? or does anyone have any ideas?




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Have you tried to reset one controller , then try to communicate to it?

Depending on what type of controller you have, power down

remove jumper

power up for a few flashes of led

then power down ,reinstall jumper

and repower unit

Check lor info for your units

Also if this is no help I would suggest lor support site with email for help

Sorry for your badluck

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