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Its a Major Award!


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Last night this first year LOR user came home to find another item in my relatively small, 16 channel, 7600 light display: a wooden cutout of a snowman holding a sign recognizing my display as the winner in our town's annual decorating contest! My display is the first animated display in town with most displays being of the inflateable and blowmold variety. The same house has won the past several years, and its been great to finally unseat the champion!

The past three nights have been nothing but constant traffic in front of our house. We've been told by friends that they've been told to come see our house at the local beauty parlor, the Sonic, and from those in neighboring towns.

Oh, and the prize for winning the contest: a $100 discount on our upcoming electric bill. That should ALMOST cover the cost of the electricity...

Here are the videos:

"Wizards in Winter", by Trans Siberian Orchestra:

"Amazing Grace" by Yule:

"This Christmas Day" by Trans Siberian Orchestra:

The latter song has taken new meaning for me since the birth of my daughter, Jocelyn, on December 26, 2008. She just missed out on being a Christmas baby, and will celebrate her first Christmas this year.

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That's awesome! Congratulations. I know I will never unseat the the Local champion in town because it's come out that the local contest is rigged but, in the township that I live there are 2 contests of which I've won one already and waiting to hear back on the other. The first one was surprising as it was a $500 cash prize. Felt pretty cool.!!!!

Merry Christmas....

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Hey...we're all winners...because we have won the hearts of the young and old and brought smiles to their faces!!!

yeah I know..that's a bunch of crap and we would take cold hard cash instead in a heart beat!!! LOL

just kidding... :)

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iresq wrote:

Pfft...$100 discount.

Now this is a major award


Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.
If you saw the end of the Wizards in Winter video, you'll see I have one of those major awards, too!

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