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MINI LED Transparent Wire


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Probably not enough demand for it. Green and White seem to work fine here. I just wonder why'd they bother making it clear. it result in a silver or gold wire look. I think clears arn't nearly as durable either and that might be part of it (our insane legalistic society..)

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Walmart was selling those with battery packs only. I bought a couple. 30 count teeny LED light set. Multi transparent wire. 3 C batteries.

Here is a pic I found on EBAY


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I need 100 or 200 set white - or blue or red or green just sales in other countries different to uSA

I dont know why maybe the set dont accept electrical secures fuses, no plome in paint ect ect ect



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Those lights may be available here in Aus, but I would much rather have the choice of lighting that you guys have over there in the States. It is very, very, difficult to find 240v string lights here. Almost all the lights that Christmas shops, Target, K-Mart, and everyone else sells run off 24V with that stupid 8-way multi-function controller that you see in your pic. And there's also the plugpack that's not in your pic.

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