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New videos uploaded

Tony Hefner

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I've just uploaded some new videos using a Kodak Zi8 camcorder The camera allows for a portable fm stereo to plug right in capturing the sound off the fm transmitter.

Just trying it and worked out ok but with a little hum. Were located in Wapakoneta Ohio




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Video quality is very good. To get around the hum problem I import the video into Adobe Premiere Elements and then overlay the sound track on it. It is pretty easy to do. This also lets me elminate noise from passing cars, etc. Just wish I could edit the cars out of the video as well. :)

Nice Amazing Grace sequence I can tell I am going to have to add that one -- Next Year. Seems like it is becoming the new Wizards -- the song you have to do. My Wizards is at: http://vimeo.com/8132620

Happy Holiday's


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very nice, i need to figure out how to get my display from standard camcorder to you tube.. Located in Fairfield, Ohio 10 miles north of cincy...

quick question i noticed you have multiple colors wrapping your house.. i presume you basically wrapped the house 3x using each strand...

happy holidays

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I used 3 strands of each color on all parts of the house, just in case a strand fails i didnt want to go out and replace lights after it was running also gives more color . There are 6 strands on each color per wedge of the mega tree 8 wedges totals 144 strands. 81 strands on the house.42 strands on the bushes. 42 strands on the mini trees. 309 strands total plus 3 deer.i wish i would have more blue as there so much dimmer than the red and green.I hope to go to LED's next year if i can find more.

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