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What is the MIME type information for LOR sequence files


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Because my webhost (1&1.com) doesn't have a MIME type defined for the LMS extension of LOR files, it just blocks their download.

Any suggested MIME type information for:



I know that internally they are XML files but that may not be the best MIME association.

thanks. JonB

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There's no specific MIME type for LOR sequence files.

I guess maybe application/xml? I'm not an expert on MIME type usage, though.

Also, this is only for LOR 2 sequence files. For LOR 1 sequence files, it's definitely not application/xml, as LOR 1 sequence files are not XML. Since they have the same filename extensions as LOR 2 sequence files, this could be problematic if you intend to serve both and base the type off of the file extension.

I guess LOR 1 sequence files would be application/octet-stream, but again, I'm no expert on this.

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personally, I think they would accept any answer I give them if I did it with authority. I don't want it to "run" when someone clicks on it, I just want them to be able to Save As.

For now, the workaround is to add "TXT" to the end of the filename.

Thanks Bob. I think I'll go with the "application/xml"

I don't allow any of my friends to use LOR I :P

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the way MIME/Types works on a Windows server is if the web server knows the extension is opens the application of that extension to serve the user with the content. So the server should automatically display save/cancel...

You could always zip the files before storing them on your web server...

In XP, Vista, Windows 7 - that is as easy right clicking and send to compressed folder or right click and create compressed folder.... then copy the file to the new compressed folder, rename the folder, etc...

FYI - I opened the file they are XML

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