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One green pixel out on one of my CCR's


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I've set my ccr's up to do a pair of arches, and have it set up as Normal, Sequential and 25 pixels. I am completely content with the freedome nad creativity this setup gives me to create some real exciting displays. I do not use any of the macro's.

My issue is that, well, i am very happy with how they look and work, but about a week ago i noticed that one green pixel section (three LED's) only the green do not come on, and leaves a gap there. I've studied visiually the circuit components and all seems ok, massged the ribbon and tapped the controller with no luck.

I wonder if any one else has experienced this, and how I could fix it or if LOR has any suggestions. It is noticiable, and i'd love to get it fixed. Thanks

btw, this pixel section is out in the shows and in the hardware util

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Rick, best suggestion is to contact Light-O-Rama on Monday. Chances are they'll be able to help you best and possibly swap it out and ship you anew one.

Have you run any of the demo sequences with the CCR to see it it happens there as well? I don't use one, but just suggesting :) Maybe next year for me :)


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