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my first display is running


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Hello everybody

My first display is running (since Dec - 9 - 2009). Thanks everyone for your support and the sequences that I could use to get started.
I'm located in Europe > Belgium >Antwerp > Wechelderzande in a small wooden house in the forrest. Normaly only 5 to 10 people a day pass my house. Yesterday at least 30 people came to see the show and this is only with mouth to mouth advertising in 4 days.
I posted a few video's on this webpage
I'm pretty pleased with the result, knowing that six months ago I didn't have one single christmas light at all. Now over 10.000 are dancing arround my house.

Holiday greetings from belgium


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Hi Karel! Welcome to the club. Nice job; you're off to a great start! I especially liked the Christmas Canon. It was cool how you brought in the lights with each new section of the music. Nicely done! :]


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Great Job! Looks like you're gonna have traffic jams in the woods pretty soon. Who'd have thought that 6 months ago? Next time I hear someone make a Belgium joke I'll stick up for you.

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