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Fuse problems fixed

Guest Don Gillespie

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Guest Don Gillespie
:) Ok to all those who helped me, double checked amps for each chanel and discovered my grandfathers christmas lights suck up a lot of juice LOL :D it read 9.90 amps, took them down through them out, put up new LEDS the new reading is 0.09 amps takes both controllers to a completely safe level to operate my show I do not anticipate any more problems Thank you for all of your help.

Controller #1

Bank 1 = 13.03 amps

Bank 2 = 3.7 amps

Comtroller 2

Bank 1 = 13.35 amps

Bank 2 = 7.78 amps

Lots of room for a lot more lights my wife will be so happy
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