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CCR Demonstration Sequences


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Here are 39 different sequences I created that show the capabilities of the CCR. These are simple examples 10 seconds long. I expect to post more detailed demos in the future.

There is a PDF that details the files.

I hope these are beneficial to people working with the CCR. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know.

Happy Sequencing,

Howard Shank

Attached files CCR_Tutorials_1.zip

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Yea but can you show the CCR in a musical using macros? I found the macros are a pain till the graphical visulizer catches up...

Here is a video of early tests... I have since tweeked them. The Star turns out to be a great design to show off the CCR... It is made up of 5 mini arches... All done without macros...


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Macro's cannot do everything and is not the be all to end all solution.

I watched your video. Impressive! Some of what you have done can be done via macros. Some may not be able to be done.

Would you be willing to share your sequence file so I could see what could be converted to macros?

Note that if you do anything custom on 150 channels, you'll have to have all 150 channels in your sequence no matter what.


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Here is a link where there are 2 sequences... http://christmascarolina.com/forums/showthread.php?t=526

Programming 150 channels is not that hard... Yes macros may be the way to go... but it has a big learning curve... Trying to trouble shoot which cells are set to a 1 and not to 0 is a problem... The software will mature and macros will be easy... But right now the learning curve is too long for a short season... Like I said in other posts stick to the prime colors... RED, GREEN, and BLUE....

Make your CCR into a Star... Each point of the star is made up of 10 pixels. 5 pix on each side of the star. Now each point being 10 pixels just program those 10 pixels for one point.... Now copy that first point to each of the other 4 point of the Star... You have just made a mini leaping arch time 5... If you want a different color just copy and past... Is the CCR capable of more oh yes it can... but we have 10 months after Christmas to really turn on the bells and whistles....

When you look at the videos you will see what I refer to as a "linear chase" This weekend I programmed the Star to have a "radial chase". The lights radiate out from the center of the Star...

My first point of the Star is made up of Channels 1 - 10. The left side of the Star point is made up of channels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The right side and keeping with numbering from the center of the Star outward is made up of pixels 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6.... So now sequence to have pixels 1 & 10 on... Then add 2 & 9... Then add 3 & 8... Then add 4, & 7.... And last add 5 & 6.... You just made one point of the Star illuminate from the center outward.. Now copy and past this just 4 times... You now have a Star illuminating from the center outward.....

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