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No lights (Can see unit)


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Hi everyone. Got a foot of snow today and I cut one of the extension cords powering my units. I have replaced cord and when I go into hardware device I can refresh and see all 5 units. I can go thur and turn on 4 of the units no proble the 5th unit it shows is there but no lights. Cutting power cable did trip the home breaker, is there a reset I could do for the unit? Again it shows the unit is there but unable to get any lights to come on. Any ideas. Thanks

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Use the hardware utility and see if you individually control the lights on that controller. Double check you can also control the lights on the other controllers.

This is step one.

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Good evening

My first guess would be a blown fuse on the controller

two fuses looking at board left and right

since you see the board in the hardware utility

the fuse on the right would be good --- powers the electronics

the fuse on the left could be blown

Any way to bring it inside and hook it up

troubleshooting in snow is not a happy place to be

Frank A.;)

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