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This is part of last years display. sadley I never got around to recording a vid of it in its final stage.

I added pathway markers along the driveway edge and and some LED strings around the window on the left side of the house.

Bulbs along the eaves are Gemmy Lightshow, as is the undefined mass(icicles) above the door and wreath.

The rest (tree, window, garage door) are LED strings under the control of a MF controller.

This weekend I should have a video of the new setup. No music this or last.
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Ok so I just checked out your video and Are those Firefly units across your roofline?
EDIT -- Never mind I missed the GEMMY Lightshow thing.... they look exactly like firefly units.
Very Very Cool!

Looks good. What do those Icicle things do? They don't appear on your video???

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They do appear in the video. they are the undefined mass under the roof around the front door.

Tomorrow I have to drop the lights from the tree and find which bulb is loose on a green strand... SOB they all worked two days ago! Damn that storm last night!

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I don't really want it. The lunatics here have NO clue how to drive on snow. they go FASTER! The entire season is like the first day of snow in the northern areas. idiots crashing left and right, and inbetween!

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